School Plus uses My Family Lounge for all our bookings and enrolments needs because it is easy and convenient for our parents. Once you have completed your enrolment, we encourage you to download the “My Family Lounge App” on your phone for everyday use, so that you can make online booking changes any time of the day or night. It’s simple!

To enrol a Family, additional child or update an enrolment

Please REGISTER if this is your first time

The Enrolment Form can be saved at any time if you need to come back to it by clicking Save.

What you will require to complete your enrolment:
  1. CRN (Client Reference Number from Centrelink) for both yourself and your child
  2. Details of emergency contacts
  3. Contact details for your doctor
  4. A copy of your Medical Action Plan if your child has Anaphylaxis, Asthma, allergies or a diagnosed medical condition or disability
  5. Immunisation records for your child
  6. The number and expiry date of your Medicare & Health Care Card if applicable
  7. Bank account or credit card details for your Direct Debit
  8. A certified copy of any plan/order in place under the Family Law Legislation (if applicable)

Enrolment forms will need to be signed and scanned to the service. You will receive an email from the service on registration. Once your enrolment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email and a copy of our School Plus Family Handbook.
You will be able to book permanent or casual booking once your enrolment has been confirmed.


Download the free My Family Lounge App for bookings changes which you can make "on the go".

app store android app

Below is a tutorial for the My Family Lounge App.  Please feel free to contact your service or the School Plus Support Office for more information.

Immunisation Records can be printed from the below Medicare website.

Centrelink advises that to be eligible for Child Care Subsidy, you need to:

  • use approved or registered child care
  • be responsible for paying the child care fees for your child
  • ensure your child is immunised, on an immunisation catch up schedule, or is exempt from the immunisation requirements, and
  • meet the residence requirements

Download Debit Success Form here 
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